Fujifilm X100V Review

  • Having an optical viewfinder, the EVF is not my favorite way of shooting. I like to see the world in real-time while shooting.
  • A fast prime lens with superb image quality.


I chose the Fuji X100V(2020) to rent. I rent it from lenslineup.com for almost 5 days with a promotion price of 3 days and it cost me 2,100 Baht ($64) with a deposit of 15,000 Baht ($455) or around 30% of the camera price. I use my credit card payments both the rental fee and the deposit. The deposit transaction will be reversed after I return the camera and the name on my ID card must match the name on the credit card. They provide me with the Fujifilm X100V camera+ Fujifilm original strap, B+W UV filter+adepter, lens hood, 2 batteries, the battery charger(a good choice for charging both batteries at the same time), and a 64 GB SDCard 170MB/s. No lens cap(Good). I refused to use their poor shape camera bag but it’s provided. I just hang the camera around my neck walkout from the rental and keep the accessories in my small shoulder back instead. I asked the rental to change the LCD view to only the viewfinder view as I’m not familiar with the camera setting and they did not provide the user manual.


I wasted no time learning the camera setting and I go out and shoot immediately outside the rental in the street. I didn’t check the camera file option that leaves it on the jpeg fine file for the whole day. My very first shots were mostly overexposed. Due to the Fuji X100V censor ISO with 160 and the max shutter speed is 1/2000s. The X100V spec was shutter maxed at 1/4000s but I don’t know why I cannot use it even in the auto shutter speed mode(I don't want to know too). I always shoot with the wide-open aperture as possible. The X100V at f/2 on the bright sunlight in the afternoon makes it hard to shoot without stepping down the aperture. Thanks to the intuitive aperture ring on the lens, I can quickly adapt without looking for the manual.

0.7 stop underexposed and I got caught taking the shot on the image.
PROVIA Standard JPEG image from camera

Raw File: Maxed out the full potential

I changed most of the setting to what like. Raw file only, continues autofocus, and the one I want to try the most is ISO bracketing, I never heard of any camera can ISO bracketing, I think it will shoot 3 shots real quick with different ISO to let the user decide what exposure to use. Turnout, It only took one shot with the different ISO. This will change everything I said to myself. No more wrong exposure, I can even use this to merge into the HDR image. After I try to process the raw files, I found a shot that I want to merge into the HDR and I got no more detail after the merge, in shadow, highlight, nothing popped out like it used to. I take a closer look at the files and found out the same raw files just shifted the exposure around. No wonder why I only took one shot to create 3 files. I guess it is only useful when using only jpeg files. The extra raw files are just completely wasting my storage space. Fake ISO bracketing, never use it again.

Bokeh with gradient distance.
Bokeh in a general focus distance
f/2.0 lens flare
100% zoom CA at F/2.0 and manually fixed CA by the defringe picker
Example small chromatic aberration image from X100V
Macro shot at the minimum focus distance with the smooth blurry background
Apple Store — 1/125s F/2.0 ISO3200 No Noise Reduction
  • CLASSIC CHROME — Paler color, blue turn to turquoise, turquoise blue sky.
  • CLASSIC Neg — Vivid green turns to pale turquoise green. Purple, pink, and red turn to orange-red. Paler blue sky, skin turn more orange. Strong contrast.
  • ETERNA — Like CLASSIC CHROME but lower contrast and more normal blue sky.
  • Pro Neg Hi — Like CLASSIC CHROME but darker red and normal pale blue sky.
  • Pro Neg Std — Like ETERNA but a bit more contrast.
  • PROVIA/Std — Like ASTIA/Soft but less yellowish and brighter red. Lower contrast, pale blue sky.
  • Velvia/Vivid — Every color pop out. Green, red, yellow enhanced.



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